IsAgenix Review

A Unique IsAgenix Review

If you are looking at IsAgenix as a product for weight loss, health, or a business opportunity then you Do Not Want to Miss my unique and honest review of IsAgenix. Why? Because this review is not coming from the pitch side of a rep who has a definite money motivation to review it in the best light. My review will also not come as an attack accusing IsAgenix as being a scam so that I can sell some competing product. This review will have me trying out the product and creating a diary of experience for you and me both and to give an open minded review.

So what would provoke me to do such a thing, drinking shakes and putting myself through an entire change in the way I eat and live and drink-Just To Give You A Review? Well, it starts back in 2000. I was in incredible shape. I would run at least 30-6 ½ minute miles per week. I went to the gym 5 times a week and had a bench press over 300 lbs. I ate healthy, worked 50-60 hours per week, was a dad and was working on my Masters in Business.

In 2003 I discovered the network marketing industry. Someone called me and asked if I would like to earn $500 per day from the comfort of my home. I really have to admit that I was skeptical. But I listened. I saw the leverage of people, of systems, and of money. I was sold. In my first few weeks I earned 5 figures. Well, after that their were was no turning back. I fired my boss and have been working from the comfort of my home ever since.

Any good story has some sort of challenge or obstacle to overcome. Well this story has an obstacle as well. A couple years before firing my boss I was juggling job, school, 5 kids, running, working out, and life in general. Something had to go on the back burner. Unfortunately it was my fitness regimen that took the hit in late 2000. Once I had gotten rid of the old ball and chain employer I never got around to renewing the workout and proper eating habits. A couple things here in 2010 forced me to realize that “I got fat and out of shape” — maybe I will tell you about those incidences in another article. So here I am, forced to realize my present physical status. Hard to face. But facing that fact is what has made me determined to get back on track and I am starting with IsAgenix.

Let's See If Isagenix Works

Let's See If Isagenix Works

Beginning IsAgenix..

So here is my game plan and I am going to chronicle my journey for you. I signed up for IsAgenix last week. I did sign up as a distributor (cost to become a rep is only $19) for the simple reason that it is cheaper to buy the products as a representative. Kind of like getting a job at Walmart so you can get a discount on all your purchases. At this point, I have no intention of working IsAgenix as a business because I already have a successful business. The product is not cheap but on the other hand neither are funerals. I look at it this way, if I continued down the road I was on, I would not live the quality or quantity of life that God intended. And I do fully intend to walk my daughters down the aisle and to play with my grand kids and great grand kids.

Doing IsAgenix Right!

I am getting complete blood work done tomorrow morning, Wednesday October 27th, 2010. This way I can also give you a complete picture of how IsAgenix impacts my health. My first IsAgenix 9-day cleanse is scheduled to arrive tomorrow as well as my first 30-day IsAgenix program. While I know every ones results vary in every topic I want you to actually get a clear view of my experience. Come join me on my journey and see if this product or business is what you might be looking to use or promote.

So I look forward to sharing with you my complete journey here and will give you complete updates on my progress as well as my impressions of the system, the process, the support, and the emotional side as well. I will include the up and downs and how hard or easy it is to complete. Make sure you keep in touch and see if this is or is not the right thing for you.

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