100 Day Challenge and 100 Days To Wealth

100 Day Challenge To Start Online Blogging



Hey Everyone. Whether you are on my team or not, I am challenging you to a 100 Day Content/blogging production challenge. In the long run this will vastly increase your value to others and eventually increase your income exponentially. Now why would I offer this to you and help you even if you are not on my team? Because I am increasing MY VALUE in your eyes which in the long run increases my income the more people that I help.

What are the benefits to you?

  1. Well first, MASSIVE Exposure. Imagine having at least 100 pieces of content out there working on your behalf day in and day out.
  2. Expert Status. When People see all the content you have out there on the internet they will begin to view as an expert.
  3. Attraction. To get 100 Days of decent content you will have to learn something and share something with your readers. Sharing valuable information attracts others to you!
  4. Relationship building. As people watch your videos and read your content and see your pictures they are getting to know you. Imagine all of these people getting to know you while you are on vacation, at work, with your family, or even while you sleep.
  5. Increase Your Value. To keep sharing you will have to keep learning. The more you know and the more you share the more valuable you become.
  6. You WILL BE AN EXPERT. Think about it, for content you go and learn something. By sharing it you are teaching it. NOW it is embedded more into you and your habits.
  7. Structured Habits! This is the last one I will go into… But all good or bad habits come through repetitive daily action. This is the best way to start developing a habit that could make you a fortune.

Sure there are many more reasons to do join my personal 100 Day Content/blogging production challenge and attack your 100 Days to wealth. But the truth is this all requires action so let’s get to it.

Be sure you have a place to blog and put your content. The best place to do this is on your own space on the internet. in other words have your own space that you control. However, you don’t want to spend weeks or even days setting it up. I have found a very profitable blogging platform that actually is what we call an authority site that is already set up for you. In addition, when others see your blog on this platform it automatically sells them the blogging platform as well. AND YOU EARN 100% COMMISSION!

If you want to take my 100 Day Content/blogging production challenge and get on the road to 100 Days to Wealth using an authority blog on the top 500 site in the world CLICK THE LINK to the right, input your email, get your blog and start blogging. It will be ready the instant you join.

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What is EmpowerPostcards.com

So I open up mail the other day and I get this letter with a self addressed envelope inside. This guy got in the mail his EmpowerPostcard.com  postcard.(Click here For The Rest Of the Story)

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Olympic Gold, God, Or Country. Why Didn’t Serena Williams Cover Her Heart During the National Anthem.

Olympic Gold, God, Or Country. Did Anyone besides me get offended when Serena Williams Skipped the Pledge to the Flag when awarded her Olympic Gold Medal.

So I watched as Serena Williams Got her Gold and stood up on the pedestal without her hand over her heart as they played our national anthem. Now I don’t know about you but I am a patriot. I believe in what the United States of America was founded on. I believe if America falls to socialism, communism or any other form of dictatorship then the world falls as well. I believe what Thomas Paine said “The cause of America is in great measure the cause of all mankind.”

I must admit I was offended when Serena Williams didn’t respectfully place her hand over heart at the paying of our beloved national anthem. I was pretty judgmental (now if I were making judgments about Obama not saluting liberals would be calling me a racist–let’s see if that theory holds up). My feeling was if you cannot pledge to our country and our flag then WHY IN THE HELL should you be allowed to compete for that same country (read on). I feel that men and women who have died for their patriotism throughout history, even to this day, gave their lives to preserve everything for which America stands… and it all is wrapped up in our National Anthem. God Bless America!

Granted, many athletes there were representing ONLY them selves. No patriotism. No representation of dedication to a country. The debate even rumbles about Federer and Murray. Federer who went from Wimbeldon’s favorite son to representing Switzerland. And Murray who is the Scottish Britain. The British tabloids say when Murray wins he is British but when loses he is Scottish. Then You have the Michael Phelps relay were all 4 reverently saluted their flag in the ceremony. So what here is more important, getting “the gold” for YOU or representing and giving your all for YOUR COUNTRY.

So my curiosity was up. Did she just forget in the excitement? What about her giggle when the flag somehow disconnected and blew in the wind towards her but never quite got there. I did a little research and read something about her JW beliefs prohibiting her from saluting any flag. WHAT?!? Well, to be honest I didn’t know what JW beliefs meant so I had to research a little about that as well.

I learned that Serena is a Jehova’s Witness and her religion prohibits her from putting any idols in front of God. Now that pus an entirely different light on things. I also believe in God and every individuals right to practice whatever religion they choose in whatever manner they choose (as long as it doesn’t violate the rights of others). In fact many people who helped found our country were escaping religious persecution. Our founders, in their wisdom, made distinct lines in the sand as to not allow the religious rights of individuals be trampled on by the state.

So now the question is what is more important, Olympic Gold, God, Or Country. I have to respect Serena Williams decision Not to Cover Her Heart During the National Anthem and to stand for what she believes. While I believe that you shouldn’t put anything before your God I also believe that saluting a flag or officer or anything else doesn’t necessarily mean that you have put your country before your God.

I guess after a little research and thoughtful contemplation I have no grudge against Serena Williams decision to Not Cover Her Heart During the National Anthem… I mean how could I, for the sake of country, have negative feelings against someone for exercising their own religious freedoms. The same freedoms our constitution protects and for which men and women have died for. It also confirms that my initial response was not based on race as some liberals might propose.

So let me know your opinions below. Please let me know what you feel, if you agree or disagree, and if you got anything out of this article or not. Whether you believe more in Olympic Gold, God, or Country, ALL OF IT including Serena Williams Decision Not to Cover Her Heart During the National Anthem Can Make You Money by watching the FREE VIDEO of the former Van man on the right.

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Avon Rep, Login, Market And Sell Avon Online

Avon Rep, Login, Market And Sell Avon Online

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Get Started




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Empower Network San Diego Fight the Forces of Evil

Empower Network San Diego Fight the Forces of Evil



If You Were Not at The Empower Network San Diego Fight the Forces of Evil event you are probably broke. To get where YOU want to be YOU need to FOCUS and have INTENTION. In this video I lay out the step by step “Intentions” for MASSIVE WEALTH!

If you are missing the Empower Network San Diego Fight the Forces of Evil Event YOU CAN STILL GET ALL IN by clicking THE DAVID WOOD on the right.

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Empower Network San Diego Fight the Forces of Evil

  • Empower Network Blue Ribbons


    Empower Network Blue Ribbons. 1/3 of the people here are NEW Success. If You Want Success. Get In. GET ALL IN.

    Find the homeless dude making $250,000 a month and watch our FREE Video.

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    Rapper Ice T on US gun control (20July12)

    Rapper Ice T on US gun control (20July12)

    Rapper Ice T on US gun control suggests that people strap bombs to themselves all the time if they decide to go on a killing spree. While I disagree there I do agree with Ice T’s statement which originated with Thomas Jefferson that purpose of the right to bear arms is essential for “We the People” to be able to protect ourselves from the tyranny of governments.

    If you want more information how to Legally Protect YOURSELF you should check out http://ccwprotection.com.

    For those of you who debate that guns should be controlled think about this; did you know that more people are killed by the automobile each year than by guns? Think about that.

    A vehicle created to transport KILLS MORE than guns which are created for the sole purpose of killing.

    I would say that is a pretty strong safety record. Also think about this; if automobiles are obviously more dangerous than guns why are gun control freaks screaming to ban automobiles, oh wait, they have enviro-whackos doing that.

    If you want to see how to profit from this gun debate by posting your opinions can make you money no matter what side of the debate you are on then watch the FREE video on the right. David Wood, the formerly homeless van man has become a 7 figure earner because of the strategy found in this FREE VIDEO and this strategy having of Ice T help make money.

    I also posted this video on http://www.empowernetwork.com/edfromohio/all/us-concealed-carry/rapper-ice-t-on-us-gun-control-20july12/


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