Solavei Files Bankruptcy, Is it the End?

Oh No Say it isn’t so…

Solavei Files Bankruptcy, but Is it the End? I hope not because I actually like the company.


I am not in Solavei because I like a business model that makes me more money faster and easier. BUT I like the fact that people can get paid for something they are already using. I like the mlm industry in general. I love people being in their own business.

So here is what Solavei is saying:

I would like to do some clarifying so you have the whole picture and understand what is going on.
Chapter 11 is used to reorganize businesses just as American Airlines, Macy’s and other companies have done. Solavei will continue to operate as it does currently. Mobile service will not be affected, your compensation will not be affected and business will run as usual. The only thing this process allows us to do is renegotiate our contracts with our vendors to ensure long-term viability and better position the company for continued growth and expansion.…/Social-Commerce-Network…
Please read the website we posted yesterday and let me know if you have any further questions. Thanks!

Personally, we can only hope that re-organiztion for them works. However, if they need a Chapter 11 to help “reorganize” that means things are not “Flying High.”

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