Garth Brooks Sees Breast Cancer Sign and Gets Off Stage

I’ve been to a lot of concerts in my life. One person I have never had a chance to see but always wanted to was Garth Brooks.

On the other hand, we have dealt with illness in our family, Chemo-therapy, radiation, surgeries etc. We know how rough and tough it can be on a family and how it is to feel beat up at the end and in the middle of all that.

So I Have to say when I saw this video it brought me some tears when I heard about Theresa Shaw. She is battling stage 3 breast cancer and actually attended a Garth Brooks concert the same evening of the day she had chemotherapy.


During the concert, Mr. Brooks noticed a sign she was holding. He stepped down and sat on the edge of the stage to meet Theresa. He finished his song, singing directly to her and even gave her his guitar.

Maybe I’m older now and more sentimental but you should watch this video. This guy has a lot of class and a big heart. It makes me want to see him even more in the future. How about you?

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