Where I’ve Been and What I Am Doing To Get Paid Daily.

Are You Satisfied??

Read Till The End and See How To Satisfy Your Health and Wealth Needs.

Ok. So, Not sure if you all know what I have been up to. To be honest, after getting into the top 20 of a company of over 100,000 people I didn’t really like what was going on behind the scenes and I kind of backed off. Took a little sabbatical actually not working really anything since about February 2014.

A Few Hundred Thousand dollars later I slipped down to around the top 50ish (even still without having worked for 2 years) in a company of 200k.


familyIn the meantime I have been enjoying my boys in basketball and school, my gorgeous wife, and having a beautiful little grand daughter from my oldest daughter which have occupied a lot of my time.

I have to admit I struggled trying to figure out what company I was going to start marketing. I was just about to jump back in and start killing it in a former company I had worked with for about 12 years. But something changed it all when I got a private message from my friend Mack.

His message said “Hey Ed, I don’t know if you’re still in the business but if you are you really need to look at something.” So, out of respect for Mack I said I would look but I knew I was just going to blow him off and get back moving in something where I knew I could make a bunch of money.

But then I saw it!

  • This company had an incredible product – that was kind of kool,
  • The product – everyone of you use it every single day – great people need it,
  • The payplan was OMG out of this world – ok now I have to consider this and look a lot closer.

So me and my wife sat down and watched a couple videos about the product that touched on the payplan. Now keep in mind, She’s a lot healthier than me but she also is a pharmacist by trade and was raised in a medical background, so when it comes to anything medical or having to do with the body, I defer to her. We were able to get through like 2 product videos that were a small part of a very informative page and she looked at me and said “So we’re just gonna do this right!” She didn’t need to see 7 more videos, the product was something she wanted for our family and the payplan was super solid.

Leveluk-sd-501-ionizerSo we decided to order the product. After getting my medical grade equipment on Feb 19th – and being more exposed to all of the health benefits – I am so sold on the product now I would have paid twice as much in a heart beat.

Our powerful marketing System (which you can get the system FREE right now) is in a soft prelaunch – meaning we are not just blasting it to the world. You can only Get Involved With Me when you Ask For A Private Invitation. If You Want to Get 9 Checks In 5 Days like I have below (before I have even started promoting). Then you need to SEND ME AN EMAIL AT Ed@10kweeks.net FOR A PRIVATE OVERVIEW!

Here are some of the benefits when you Join Me Now:

  • You Get Paid To HELP YOUR Team
  • You Get Massive Over Rides even when you give your sign ups to others on your team
  • That means that I can actually put people under you that you Earn a Big Commission from and I still GET PAID the same either way
  • You GET THE HELP OF A TOP EARNER – my last company I personally sponsored around 500 people in about 2 years – not including what my team did.
  • Do You Want to GET IN At The Top of My Group and Reap Rewards from theteam or would you rather come in later at the bottom.
  • Help Others Live A Healthier Lifestyle and Avoid Many Pains that unnecessarily diminish your enjoyment of life
  • You can Let Me Help You Stop Living Pay Check To Paycheck
  • You and I can Help Others Stop Living Pay Check to Pay Check.
  • You can Finally Earn A Commission (especially with my help)

You Get Paid Daily (I got my first 9 checks in 5 days) except Sunday


If You Want those Benefits…


OH. By the way here are some company details:

  • The Company has been in business for 40 years and is World Wide
  • A member of the DSA (Direct Selling Association)
  • REAL Products that people actually buy because they want to use them (not some “token” product that’s in place, just to make it legal to earn commissions)
  • Patented compensation plan w/High Ticket Commissions

REAL, Long term “walk away” income.
ALSO you will Join An Amazing Leadership Team.

Our team has an incredible number of names you probably know, and lots, lots more you’ll get to know real soon. Lots of talent, skill sets and experience, and we’re all collaborating together to make this the absolute best opportunity for our team as possible.

If you feel that you’re ready to step into your own power and are willing to make a commitment to yourself and your own financial future, we will make that same commitment back to you, to develop you into the leader that you are meant to be.

If YOU NEED ANY OR ALL THE ABOVE the ONLY way that you can Get Access To This Now is to SEND ME AN EMAIL AT Ed@10kweeks.net FOR A PRIVATE OVERVIEW!

Do It Now!

I will send you information so you can Review It Right Away and we can Start To Make A Healthy Income Today


p.s. Join Today and I can Start Putting People In under you too….


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