How to make a million dollars?

How to Make A Million Dollars

So I saw this question on Quora with people looking for some ideas on how to earn some great money, life changing money. Here is a response I gave from my own experiences.

You Surely won’t get their by trading hours for dollars: unemployee_of_the_year

I would say the fastest way to approach your goal to Make Your First Million is to start by selling things where you can yield a large commission. Money loves speed and things grow much bigger much faster when you are taking big bites out of the goal.

The first things I started marketing in my own business as far back as 2003 would yield me commissions of $1000 to $3000 plus. My first month working for myself netted me over $10,000. By my fourth month, twice that in 30 days. By my 6 month I had some $10,000 Days.

A sale a day, over $3200 profit, 6 days a week, and you are making a million dollars. If you want to make more sales faster then learn all you can about sales, marketing, automation, and systems.

You can start many at home businesses for a few thousand dollars even on borrowed funds. My first opportunity I had to borrow about $4000 just to get started but tripled my investment in a month.

Once you build a cushion you can pay for better marketing and add other income streams. I recommend focusing on one opportunity but tools can add substantially to your income. Make sure all your tools pay you.

Somewhere in the mix it is great to add some residual income as well. Something coming in monthly for something you did once creates a slow but powerful building of your income.

I have read that the #1 reason people never get rich is 1st that it never occurs to them that it is even possible for them. The 2nd reason is that once it occurs to them that it is possible is that they never actually decide to make it happen and actually set it as a goal. The 3rd reason is not taking action on that goal.

With that being said, YES YOU CAN BECOME A MILLIONAIRE. Make The decision.  Take Action.

Just my 2 cents 🙂
Ed Przybylski a.k.a. EdFromOhio

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