Olympic Gold, God, Or Country. Why Didn’t Serena Williams Cover Her Heart During the National Anthem.

Olympic Gold, God, Or Country. Did Anyone besides me get offended when Serena Williams Skipped the Pledge to the Flag when awarded her Olympic Gold Medal.

So I watched as Serena Williams Got her Gold and stood up on the pedestal without her hand over her heart as they played our national anthem. Now I don’t know about you but I am a patriot. I believe in what the United States of America was founded on. I believe if America falls to socialism, communism or any other form of dictatorship then the world falls as well. I believe what Thomas Paine said “The cause of America is in great measure the cause of all mankind.”

I must admit I was offended when Serena Williams didn’t respectfully place her hand over heart at the paying of our beloved national anthem. I was pretty judgmental (now if I were making judgments about Obama not saluting liberals would be calling me a racist–let’s see if that theory holds up). My feeling was if you cannot pledge to our country and our flag then WHY IN THE HELL should you be allowed to compete for that same country (read on). I feel that men and women who have died for their patriotism throughout history, even to this day, gave their lives to preserve everything for which America stands… and it all is wrapped up in our National Anthem. God Bless America!

Granted, many athletes there were representing ONLY them selves. No patriotism. No representation of dedication to a country. The debate even rumbles about Federer and Murray. Federer who went from Wimbeldon’s favorite son to representing Switzerland. And Murray who is the Scottish Britain. The British tabloids say when Murray wins he is British but when loses he is Scottish. Then You have the Michael Phelps relay were all 4 reverently saluted their flag in the ceremony. So what here is more important, getting “the gold” for YOU or representing and giving your all for YOUR COUNTRY.

So my curiosity was up. Did she just forget in the excitement? What about her giggle when the flag somehow disconnected and blew in the wind towards her but never quite got there. I did a little research and read something about her JW beliefs prohibiting her from saluting any flag. WHAT?!? Well, to be honest I didn’t know what JW beliefs meant so I had to research a little about that as well.

I learned that Serena is a Jehova’s Witness and her religion prohibits her from putting any idols in front of God. Now that pus an entirely different light on things. I also believe in God and every individuals right to practice whatever religion they choose in whatever manner they choose (as long as it doesn’t violate the rights of others). In fact many people who helped found our country were escaping religious persecution. Our founders, in their wisdom, made distinct lines in the sand as to not allow the religious rights of individuals be trampled on by the state.

So now the question is what is more important, Olympic Gold, God, Or Country. I have to respect Serena Williams decision Not to Cover Her Heart During the National Anthem and to stand for what she believes. While I believe that you shouldn’t put anything before your God I also believe that saluting a flag or officer or anything else doesn’t necessarily mean that you have put your country before your God.

I guess after a little research and thoughtful contemplation I have no grudge against Serena Williams decision to Not Cover Her Heart During the National Anthem… I mean how could I, for the sake of country, have negative feelings against someone for exercising their own religious freedoms. The same freedoms our constitution protects and for which men and women have died for. It also confirms that my initial response was not based on race as some liberals might propose.

So let me know your opinions below. Please let me know what you feel, if you agree or disagree, and if you got anything out of this article or not. Whether you believe more in Olympic Gold, God, or Country, ALL OF IT including Serena Williams Decision Not to Cover Her Heart During the National Anthem Can Make You Money by watching the FREE VIDEO of the former Van man on the right.

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  1. None of the athletes stood still during the National Anthem, so what’s the big deal about
    Serena not covering her heart??the Bryan brothers and many other American winners didn’t cover their heart.So why pick on only Serena??CONGRATULATIONS SERENA FOR WINNING 2

    • Never heard that you were not supposed to move at all during our national anthem. I didn’t watch 100% of the Olympics so I wouldn’t know what others did. I personally believe in God and country. I was raised to believe in the values of the constitution and I have always stood with my hand over my heart for the national anthem. Baseball stadiums full of people do it before every game. Why? Because it is the patriotic thing to do ESPECIALLY when representing your country in front of the world.

      But like I said in my article, I understand if it is against her religious beliefs and have nothing against her if that is the case.

  2. Believe me, Serena W. is not one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Maybe she was once upon a time, but not even close to being one now.

  3. Serena has denounced the USA as her country, many many times, and usually does not even stand for the national anthem. (Ed, even if our country progress to social capitalism, it is still our country, and I would still be a patriot). IMO, Serena should not be playing for the USA, as she is not a patriot, just greedy for the fame. And Ed, religious beliefs or not, if your religion makes you a traitor or helps you trample on the Constitution, then yes, that should be problem for you, it is for me, when representing in the Olympics. This is the one, international arena, that represents our country, not her bible.

  4. Hey Larry. I wouldn’t know that as I am not a tennis fan. But if that is true that she denounces the U.S. then I would agree-it doesn’t matter how good she is — she shouldn’t be there representing us. So where would you locate such information LarryD about her denouncing the U.S. Googled that and didn’t see it anywhere.

    If someones religion DOES cause them to be a traitor then my suggestion is to get them out of that country. And if someones religion makes them disagree with their country or constitution then they should leave that country as well.

  5. Well, in the USA we have freedom of religion, and that religion can speak out all it wants to against the State, it is a freedom, and it would not be right to allow that freedom, then kick people out for doing exactly what we give them authority to do. Every Christian has sworn to put the bible before on Constitution, that is why the military oath requires soldiers code to put the constitution before god(s). I have gone to the same meetings with Serrena, we were both taught to undermine all earthly governments and only claim alegence to theocracy. We do this verbally, we have spent our lives not saluting the flag, and teaching others to disown this country. I am not proud of this upbringing brainwashing, and have since undone it for myself, Serena has not. Can you google the inner-workings of most churches, sorry, you can’t, media relies upon people like me speaking about our experience from inside the church, once we come out.